Tattoo Armour is a very young company with the intention to bring new and innovative solutions to the tattoo industry, directly from artist to artist! The three owners have different life experiences in very different fields and that is where the innovation comes from.


Torsten and Kätlin – “We have been focusing on color realism for most of our careers as professional tattoo artists, and we have always tried to optimize every step we take in the tattooing process to achieve the optimal end results. We felt there was a lack of proper after care, tailored specifically for healing tattoos so naturally we contacted our friend Pekka who has a lot of experience dealing with different types of wounds, to see if we could work together to achieve the best solution for healing tattoos.”.


Pekka – ”I am a registered nurse with a lot of experience in dealing with wounds,  so when Totti and Kätlin told me the idea of a new aftercare product i was super excited to help them find the safest and best solution for tattoo aftercare.”


The first product created came out of necessity for a great aftercare solution. After years of testing the product was ready for the market.

As the company got started three pairs of hands weren’t enough and another pair was hired.


Hannes – “I’ve been working in all aspects of retail for years and finally got to a point where I fully enjoy my work thanks to the team and the product! I’m the fingers and voice behind the emails, posts and calls!”


Right now this is our whole team but as we grow so shall the team and our story!