Pro Team Artists

“I believe it’s one of the safest healing
options now on the market”

Sandra Daukshta

“I like Tattoo Armour because it’s the most safest and easiest ways how to heal a tattoo”

Mihails Neverovs

“I like Tattoo Armour because it makes taking care
of the tattoo so much easier for my clients”

Kätlin Malm

“Tattoo Armour actually takes care of the healing process
leaving no room for the client to …. up”

Torsten Malm

“Really love this product! Clients find it really easy to use and I’ve had perfect heals since I’ve been using it!”

Rich Harris

“Been using puppy training pads for a while, so nice to see something tailored specifically for tattooing!”


“Super easy to use! Definitely makes up for all the minuses you came across using healing films.”

Karmely Sõrmus

“A very interesting alternative for those who are not quite satisfied using healing films and customers find it easy to use!”


“Treat your tattoo as a wound – you need to wash and keep an eye on it. Tattoo Armour solves this problem!”

Thomas Carli Jarlier