Why we created the Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pad?

The Tattoo Armour Pad was created by tattoo artists Torsten Malm and Kätlin Malm with help from Sandra Daukshta and Mihailis Neverovs and medical experts. 

Plastic wrap has been used for ages, but it is meant for food, second skin products were developed because of the lack of better solutions. 

Tattoo wounds are completely different to typical medical wounds in their nature, and we believe that the treatment of each wound should be tailored specifically to achieve optimal healing results. After all, you wouldn’t wear ballet shoes to a football game or vice versa, even if you might be able to survive the experience!

We do understand that a tattoo can heal good with all aftercare solutions, but if the aftercare solution is actually made for that specific type of wound it will greatly increase the chances of a perfect heal. That’s why we created the Tattoo Armour Pad.

So after years of testing we finally have a product that has optimal absorbability of plasma to prevent excessive drying all while keeping just enough plasma on the skin to secure optimal healing.

The pattern on the Pad is specifically designed to hold its form and not tear while still letting the tattoo breathe so that you can go about your daily life without worrying about the healing process.

It will also shield your tattoo against bacteria, germs, UV-light and dirt, all of which could damage your fresh tattoo.

Tattoo Armour Pad lets your tattoo breathe and heal while you can go about your daily life without worrying about scabbing.

It’s fast and easy to apply on the tattoo, allowing the tattoo artist to rest easily because every bag contains enough pads (10 PCS) for the duration of the healing process to secure optimal quality.

After all — quality should be the only thing that matters, both for the artist and the customer.

We strongly suggest you try it out and realise just how good it is. The time you save on not having to do touch ups will directly lead to more free time and a chance to work with more paying clients. 

A new and a better experience is just one click away, we dare you to take that step!

Maybe tomorrow, why not today?!